Party Themes

I am going to be throwing a little party for my wife on her birthday. I do this every few years. I like to go all out and invite every from around the neighborhood. I invite all the people from her work and from our church. I like to even have friends and family from out of town come in if they get the chance. We have been together for nearly 2 decades and it all started because we net at her birthday party. I was invited by her best friend who kind of had a crush on me. I could tell that she liked me but I was always very fair with that situation. I never led her on and once I met her friend it was obvious that we were supposed to be together so she did not even have any hard feelings when all was said and done.

The story is kind of funny because I nearly did not go to the party at all. Like I said, I was invited by someone that I knew had a bit of a crush on me and I knew I did not feel the same way but she insisted that we could just go as friends. Once I decide to go with her I nearly changed my mind again and decided not to go all because the party was going to be themed. That’s right a party with a 70’s theme was nearly enough to chase me away from the chance to meet the girl of my dreams. I am so thankful I decided to go.

The party was awesome! It was way better than I though. Not only did the birthday girl go all out with the 70’s decorations. She also got a disco ball and a dance floor brought in so we could all get our groove on. I was amazed at all of the different costumes that were in the crowd considering it was nowhere near Halloween. I guess some people just wait for their chance to get into a costume. It was an amazing night and it changed the way I feel about themed parties. Not only because my wife loves them but because of how much fun they truly can be.

Now every few years I get the phone book out and get all of the people we know together to partake. Through the years we have had parties themed in the carnivals, the Beach, the 20’s, the 80’s, fiestas even Hawaiian luau’s. We have ever thrown a bad one yet if you ask me. She is sure to agree with that sentiment as well I am sure. You would have to look far and wide to find someone that disagreed.