Firefox Themes

Firefox has always had an edge over most of the browsers with the many ways that it can be customized by users looking to create a personal, unique, or just plain attractive statement with their web browsing. Back in the early days, you had a number of basic themes that you could download and install, which became a wealth of themes when Firefox started to become the bloated, sprawling resource hog more sophisticated and flexible application that it is today.

We personally like tailoring the Firefox theme to the specific computer or network’s intended use. Firefox offers a number of kid-friendly and fun themes that would work perfectly for elementary school uses, and nothing beats custom skins to add to your school’s or workplace’s team spirit.

Likewise, you can customize all your business computers to a specific theme as well. For instance, if you run a business offering outdoor sports gear, you can create a skin that not only unifies the philosophy of your business, but also creates a corporate id that motivates your employees. This is especially helpful if everyone works from home or at diverse locations. A small business owner who invests time and training into creating strong teams can see increases in employee morale and achievement and what better way then a Firefox theme that appears every time their computer opens up. This is also true of large corporations, such as NorthFace who has been designing and manufacturing for more than 40 years top quality gear for the outdoors, supporting the preservation of wild places, and inspiring a global movement of outdoor exploration. Whether or not if you are an adventurous outdoors person, you are probably familiar with their North Face fleece jackets which are accessible not only on their website, but also on e-commerce sites and regular “brick and mortar” stores. They use their unique logo branding elements on their web site, all social media pages etc. The question we would pose to them is: How are your internal business computers used by the NorthFace employees themed? We’ve been told that NorthFace has a great screen saver slide show on all their employees’ computers showing fabulous outdoor wilderness scenes and world class athletes doing “their thing,” which is a continuation of their theme of “Over 40 years of Innovation!” They are the perfect example of what we are writing about on this page.

If nothing strikes you as perfect for your needs, creating themes is actually pretty easy — and there’s a step-by-step guide to ease you over the few speedbumps.

Make Firefox match your company’s style! Your IT folks can choose from thousands of Themes designed by users around the world, or more likely since as a company you would want a unique theme, create one yourself. With a single click you can dress up your browser however you want.

Most recently, version 3.6 introduced ‘personas’, which are pretty much just like themes, except that you can preview them instantly just by hovering over the options (no restart needed!). They don’t change any of the buttons or labels, unlike the ‘full-on’ Firefox themes — only the background of the top and bottom ‘blank’ areas of the browser. That’s perfect if you want a little color but don’t want to worry about changing (and sometimes having to re-familiarize yourself with) all of the little details.

The Firefox interface has been designed by a team of experts. Its interface has also been tested by the internet community of millions of users around the world. The result makes browsing as easy and intuitive as possible. But, Firefox also understands that everyone has their own specific needs. Consequently the Firefox interface can be adjusted to suit your company’s need by re-arranging, organizing, adding or removing buttons or fields to change the browsing experiences.

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