Continued Themes

And by paying attention to the recipient’s taste, interests, or hobbies, you will be able to choose a corporate gift basket that will both surprise and please.

You’re probably more in the mood for something to dress up your boring PC environment. Either in general, or piece by piece (did you know that a new skin on your media player can make you happier, healthier, and more successful?). Perhaps you simply want to add some color to your not so colorful spreadsheet app, or a bit of whimsy to your RSS reader.

Well, you COULD go to each little app or setting and try to get them to look like they sorta belong together, or you can look for an all-in-one solution that makes everything look like it was meant to work. Of course, whether it works or not is another matter entirely.

That reminds me of themes. Did you know that I like themes? That’s why I made this site, to spread the gospel of themes. Shoutin’ themes from on high. Bringing the themes back down the mountainside to the theme-starved people below. Going from place to place, walkin’ the land, givin’ the good folks of this fair nation the wonderful news about the comin’ of the themes. That’s me.

** Update ** I know it seems I am a bit theme crazy but you will be too after going through this site. I hope to hear all about it from you too!

There is a wide range of themes available for every type of program available today. There are so many different desktop themes that are included with my computer that I can’t even really decide which one I want to keep. I used to try one for a while then go back in and look around again, only to find one that I like better. I couldn’t make up my mind. It seemed to me that keeping the same on all of the time is just crazy talk. There are so many colors, fonts, wallpapers and other features that are totally interchangeable that you can make what seems like an endless number of combinations. They all have their selling points. Sometimes I will just go in and create my own personalized theme but I can’t even seem to stick with that for too long.

Here I am now though, having spent this time learning a new system then getting some experience in using it to write websites, updating pages & now I am bored with it. It seems new & different at first but soon comes a time when it all blurs together. The list I am working on now seems endless. I am sure I will make my was through it but it is taking forever. Sometimes I wish I was not so willing to jump in to the deep end of the pool when I am only a nominal swimmer if you know what I am talking about. Either way I am in it now & it is either sink or swim.

That is really no problem for me though because if the past has taught me anything it is that I am a quick study. I know that I will assimilate this knowledge too & be a better person for it.