David’s Themes

Themes themes themes! Everybody needs themes. Everybody wants themes. I want themes too.

My younger daughter’s favorite theme is dressing up, specifically in princess costumes. And the dress can’t be just any discarded mummy’s dress. She must wear a princess dress like the ones found on Everything Princess, an e-commerce site. She has her Snow White princess dress, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. We then bought her the absolutely necessary princess accessories: a cape, several different tiaras, and the all important wand. She wears her princess dresses just about everyday. I don’t know what will happen when she starts school! This is one person who is ferociously dedicated to her princess theme. My hats off!

Oh, and awards…we’ll give and take awards all day and all of the night. We live to give and take awards and we don’t really care whether anybody really deserves them or not. We’re a bit like Hollywood in that respect. Or the music industry. Or the business world. Or the political world. Just by reading this, you’ve won Reader of the Day and you have a good shot to become All-Time Best Reader Ever!

I’ll even consider adding a page on cleanliness because I really dig having shiny floors and soft toilet paper. Yeah, I know that’s not the kind of theme some of you came looking for, but really, wouldn’t you like to know where to buy wholesale toilet paper online at a lower price than you can get without ever leaving your home so on the day which is themed: “Clean It” you have everything you need? I shop at CLeanItSupply.com since they offer a large selection of eco friendly “green” paper products and other cleaning supplies. If you have allergies to certain products or can’t stand perfumed soaps, this is the place to shop. What a great way to shop for cleaning supplies- sit down at your computer or pick up your mobile and click away. Rain, sleet, or snow won’t prevent that trip to the store and think of all the traveling time your can save. With all that saved time you can focus on other fun themes for the day!

And if you’re reader of the day, what’s to keep you from going for employee of the month? The theme of ambition is one I love – climbing the corporate ladder in pursuit of the gold watch at the end of the long string of distinctive corporate gifts you collect over time. In the executive suite, what counts are your toys, the corporate gifts whose sole meaning is status in a small world. The theme is wearing me out already. Best executive, best salesman, best waitress… I shouldn’t sound so jaded. Corporate gift giving, often as stunning gift baskets, can deliver a sincere and valuable sentiment of appreciation to clients, vendors, employees, and / or partners. The appropriate corporate gift basket will always generate goodwill and enhance business relationship.